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The Self Matters Companion

  Self Matters Companion:
Helping to Create a Life from the Inside Out

Dr. Phil McGraw grabbed the attention of the entire country with his phenomenal #1 bestseller Self Matters. In that groundbreaking work, Phil's no-nonsense style forced us to ask those questions we had avoided for too long: Who are we really? Where do the fears, insecurities, and doubts come from that prevent us from becoming who we want to be?And most important, how do we let go of those burdens to rediscover our "authentic

self"? With more than 1.5 million copies sold, Self Matters is one of the most powerful works available directing us to the answers. With The Self Matters Companion, readers will have the chance to dig deeper into the questions, concepts, and exercises that empowered them in Self Matters. Self Matters created a new language and a new way of thinking. Now, The Self Matters Companion takes self-awareness to the next level with a variety of interactive exercises, focusing on such issues as:
  • Identifying the content of your Personal Truth
  • Reprogramming your life pattern so you can create the future you want
  • Identifying key areas of conflict between Fictional vs. Authentic living

Much more than a workbook or journal, this guide is a real companion. It provides the perfect tools, for finding the life you deserve.

Self Matters Companion

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Self Matters Companion Paper Back Edition

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