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2004 Desk Calendar

  Self Matters 2004 Desk Calendar

Millions know Dr. Phil McGraw from his highly rated television appearances on Oprah and his No. 1 best-selling books Life Strategies and Relationship Rescue, both of which have sold millions of copiesand have been published in over twenty-five countries. In his latest work, Self

Matters, Dr. Phil gives a nuts-and-bolts plan to discover who you really are and how to live your best life. This calendar gives readers the day-by-day steps to do just that. From recognizing the most important, or pivotal, people in our lives to identifying how we allow the world to affect our selves and self-esteem, Dr. Phil teaches all how to identify their 10-7-5: the ten moments, seven choices, and five people who have either helped or hindered us from taking on the lives we want. These daily testaments, questions, and challenges will help readers to further explore, understand, and live the plan set forth in Self Matters. From January 1 to December 31, this calendar offers the daily motivation for all to finally get real about their lives.

Format: Box Calendar
ISBN: 0740725734
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Pub. Date: July 2003
Edition Desc: PAGE/DAY

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